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Recycling Flash Mob!

Aside from dancing inmates in maximum-security prisons in the Phillippines, I usually find flash mobs to be a nuisance. They were cute and whimsical in the mid-aughts, but now that everyone and their grandmother has orchestrated some sort of wacky public dance session to a Black Eyed Peas song, I think it’s probably time to enact a moratorium on such stunts.

Cute Little Girl Can Name Every Capital City In The World

For pretty much my whole life, I walked around thinking I had been some sort of super special, super bright child. Turns out I really wasn’t that remarkable at all, and the Internet never fails to remind me of that heartbreaking fact. This girl, on the other hand, is all kinds of awesome.

Little Boy Really, Really Wants To Be Governor Of New Jersey

Of all the videos of adorable, precocious children making the rounds this week, this little dude possibly, maybe takes the cake. While many kids dream of being firefighters, or doctors, or president if they’re the over-achieving type, Jessie is aiming for something a bit more on the practical side…Governor of New Jersey. Video inside.

Idiot Ruins Moment of Silence For Japan at Soccer Match

During a USA-Argentina international friendly at New Jersey’s New Meadowlands Stadium this weekend, a moment of silence was held to honor the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. But, as is wont to happen when you have thousands of drunk people in the same place, some fans refused to keep quiet.

Fat Ho Burgers

Unemployment is high, the economy is bad, thousands of people have died in the aftermath of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. And, according to owner Lakita Evans, that’s a good enough reason to call your burger joint “Fat Ho Burgers.” The new Waco, Texas restaurant serves dishes like the delightfully named “Supa Dupa Fly Ho With Cheese” and “Fat Chicken Ho,” but it’s mostly just an attempt at humor, says Evans.

British Man Fears “Muslamic Infidels” and “Iraqi Law”

At a recent English Defence League march, a young protester spoke to a reporter about his fear of “Muslamic infidels” and the advent of “Iraqi law” in London. The EDL, a relatively new far-right group whose primary stance is opposing what it calls Muslim extremism, has been organizing protests throughout England over the past couple of years.

Hero Drives Burning Tanker Away From Gas Station

This CCTV footage shows a huge tanker catching on fire in a gas station in Halkapinar, Turkey, and quickly going up in flames. As captured in the video, a brave man, later identified as Engin Koçak, hopped into the truck and drove it away from the station before it could explode.

Australian Real Estate Company Uses Terrible Ad To Sell House

In this advertisement for what appears to be a pretty incredible house in Queensland, Australian real estate company Neo Property employs a pretty, um, strange sales tactic. Even after watching it a couple of times, all I can seem to figure out is that there’s a sweaty lingerie model tied to a chair, a couple of ladies about to get it on, and the eventual arrival of a SWAT team?

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