Sketch Comedy Group Makes Fun Of Hipsters With Same Old Jokes

Harvard Sailing Team, the sketch group in no way affiliated with Harvard or its sailing team but who were behind the funny, funny Boys Will Be Girls YouTube hit, is back with another sketch. This time, it’s a kind-of funny, but mostly annoying, dig at hipsters.

In response, I hereby call for a moratorium on unoriginal hipster jokes and played-out tropes. We get it. Hipsters love Brooklyn, lofts, Brooklyn lofts, bikes, ironic glasses, artisanal cheeses, ultra-obscure bands, and one-upping each other with their knowledge of said bands. Etc, etc, etc. Enough, world. The joke is dead. It’s time to move on. TC mark

via NYMag


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  • Katgeorge

    This is so dumb and not funny at all.

    One gripe I've had FOR AGES about people making fun of hipsters is the way they dress them. As someone who lives around, associates with and is friends with a whole fucking shit ton of hipsters, I've never seen anyone dress the way they show it… And I don't know why… But it bothers me.

    Maybe I'm retarded.

    • amenbrotha

      agreed…they just put together every urban outfitters “miss” from 2007 and it just looks goofy. which maybe is the point? i hate being so self aware

      • Katgeorge


  • fveg

    !!! is so obscure. So is Passion Pit and Kanye West.

    At least get the 'obscure' part of 'obscure bands' correct if you're going to make a shitty youtube video.

  • Andy J. Scott


  • Tim Donnelly

    damn, I had just started drafting a “How to Make a Video Making Fun of Hipsters” post for Thought Catalog too!

  • Tim Donnelly

    This one uses the same dumb jokes too, though at least it tries a slightly more creative approach (and stars Dick Casablancas):

  • valentine-kitchenson

    I knew about this video before  it was made.

  • Brandon Silverman

    This would have been sort of funny if it ended at about 1:39, before the girl starts singing The Farmer and the Dell, but then it just died…

  • justaguest

    Thought Catalog: You guys embarrass yourselves by going out of your way to show annoyance at “the same old hipster jokes.”  Maybe you should ask yourselves why you take it so personally.

    • Jordan

      Yeah I like this comment section, this is the same group (figuratively) who were all about the 'How To Be Generic…' post from a couple days ago.  Hipsters aren't immune from being generic in their own way!

      • Greg

        YES…every young person is in some way a cliche….FUUUCCCKK just go on with life and fuck bitches, make money

  • Uhnonnymus

    Only thing worse than making fun of hipsters is 2011 is complaining about people still making fun of hipsters in 2011. Yes, yes, these jokes haven't been funny in years. We know.

    • aa

      No it isn't worse.

    • Thisbe

      The only thing worse than complaining about people still making fun of hipsters in 2011 is people complaining about people complaining about making fun hipsters.

      • joof

        so meta. meta is so hipster.

  • Fasdflkasd

    This is obviously fake they didn't say “rad” once.

  • Aelya


    • Hannah Foster.

      Seriously. Hipsters are like pigeons; if we stop feeding them then they will go away.

  • James

    this is wack

  • conan

    i prefer self depreciating humor rather than humor that thrives off of making fun of other people.. ya know? 

    • This isn't even a name really

      Maybe they actually were all hipsters.

      • valentine-kitchenson

        They were pretty bad hipsters if they consider Kanye and Passion Pit and !!! to be obscure…

  • trite

    At least it's in HD.

  • Jordan

    I love this comment section.  These were the same people (figuratively) who were all about the 'How to Be Generic…' post from a few days ago.  Hipsters aren't immune from being generic.

  • Greg Petliski

    Fuck. I listen to !!!

  • NatalieKeshlear

    Gah. Ya seen this done way too many times. At least TRY to be creative with it.

  • Cowboy Santos

    hipsters need to get hit. maybe they can be called hitsters. 
    fuckin diiiiie hipsters

  • Dan

    Only reason you guys are saying this is because a good 90% of your writers are hipsters. We non-hipsters will stop making fun of you hipsters once you hipsters rid yourselves of these stupid cliches.

    • Tim Donnelly

      that's such a hipster thing to say

    • Conan

      dan you are such a goth emo punk alternative bro

      • Dan

        Dude you're so far off with all those. I'm not any of those. I'm into metalcore and deathcore, not pop punk or goth.

      • Conan

        aw man my bad!!! so sorry man!!! awwww!! shoulda guessed metalcore!! so badass!!! i love metal!! it's so good and raw!! i love death metal!! it's so dark and powerful!!

      • Dan

        I don't see why that had to be sarcastic, some of us really like metal and death metal…

      • Xfvnxgn

        dan is so edgy with his dark metalcore music tastes.  Let me guess.  You live in flyover country, your mom is fat, you love mayonnaise, hate black people and were too cool to go to high school prom.

        how does it feel to be read like a book?

      • Dan

        Actually my mom's not fat, I live in NYC, and I only like mayo in some certain cases. So there go your predictions, asswipe.

      • Greg

        cool story, bro

  • itsguccitime
  • kena

    Do people like this really exist?

  • faith

    hate that girl's sunglasses. hate that girl's sunglasses.

  • Briana

    I am metalcore and deathcore also.

  • Chantz Erolin

    Should have ended with “well anyway that's my coke dealer so i should probably get that”

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