Arsenal Fan Freaks Out During Match

It’s NBA playoff season, which means basketball fans around the world are obsessing inconsequentially about their teams. But as much as Lakers fans may grate at your soul or Knicks devotees may strike you as the most pathetic fans in the league, devoted in fandom in England and the rest of the soccer-watching world is on another level of intensity, as evidenced by this video of an Arsenal fan freaking out. When Arsenal played Newcastle this past February, the latter served up one of the most incredible comebacks in recent history, scoring four goals in less than 20 minutes. This dude and his dog were, umm, very vocally displeased about the 4-4 outcome. TC mark


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  • Michael Koh

    What, you've never seen a football fan before?

  • Lim Yan Yun

    Arsenal fans do what arsenal fans do.

  • Maurice Moss

    Did you see that ludicrous display last night? What was Wenger thinking sending Walcott on so early? Thing about Arsenal is, they always try to walk it in.

    • Weeb

      How original.

  • Niv

    poor dog was a witness to that insanity

  • Timothy Willis Sanders



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