Man On Kid’s Tricycle Faster Than New York City Bus

New Yorkers get a lot of flack for complaining about the city’s public transit. After all, our buses and subways run 24 hours a day and they can take you pretty much anywhere in the five boroughs. The problem, though, is that they tend to be painfully slow, according to comedian Mark Malkoff and pretty much anyone who’s ever taken a bus in Manhattan. To prove his point, Malkoff decided to race a crosstown bus while riding a big wheel tricycle. And in this video, he does just that, beating the B42 on a one-mile stretch of 42nd street by nearly 3 minutes. Possibly time to give up my monthly MetroCard. TC mark



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  • ilovecats


  • Hmm

    Is anyone else reminded of Mo Rocca's personality while watching this video?

    • ...........

      fuck that nigga Mo Rocca

  • Joe

    I have a twenty block commute to school down lexington avenue. I have personally watched a girl start walking at the same time the bus left, and when I finally disembarked, she walked right past me as I stepped out onto the sidewalk.

    Basically, the bus is as fast as a regular paced walk…

    Unless the bus is comes exactly when you arrive at the stop, and there is no traffic/too many passengers getting on and off. The only real win out of riding the bus is taking the limited. Or the express if applicable, but… duh.

  • Grace Jung

    lol this story was on 1010wins this morning.

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