Internet Freaks Out Over Girl Rapping About Her Promiscuity

It’s the double standard of all double standards: men who speak openly about their promiscuity are admired; women who do the same are reviled. And the age-old debate has been re-ignited online this week in response to a YouTube video featuring a teenage girl rapping pretty explicitly about her sex life. The chatter includes the requisite name-calling and warranted concerns about OG Niki’s age, as well as discussions about the merits of sex as a marketing strategy and whether Niki’s skills as a rapper should trump her behavior. After only a few days, Niki’s freestyle has been watched nearly 200,000 times, she has apparently signed a management deal, and she was briefly a Twitter trending topic. Let’s check in with her in a week or so. TC mark


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  • brodie

    This is rad! She's got more rapping talent than Lady Sovereign and mentions sex as often as Donald Glover does. I'd buy her record!
    If this sparked a controversy, I can't wait to see what happens when people start taking notice of Azealia Banks

    • Greg

      I happened to be listening to Chidish gambino right before this, and yeah donald glover's raps are all about fucking. In all seriousness she is pretty dope though…more girls rapping please

      • David St Bernard

        Happy about the tangent to Glover.
        Impressed by NIki. Somewhat jaded about whether she means it or not. Thinking about Missy Elliot's “Work It”.

    • Guest666

      this shit is fuckin tight and her interpol cover is dope too.


    Our generation's Rebecca Black, with slightly more edge.

    • Craig Messner

      isn't rebecca black our generation's rebecca black? or have “we” disowned her

      • Golden_Eyes

        No, our generation's Rebecca Black is definitely Rebecca Black.

      • Friday

        Rebecca Black is a slut

  • Andrew F.

    I like her.

  • azi

    I dont speak cockney, no clue what's she's saying.

  • Sam.S

    Like all rap about disgusting things, I find this disgusting.

  • Sandra NB

    Agreed it's a double standard and I think that's why her video didn't have an impact on me what so ever, guaranteed if a guy made it there wouldn't be such an “outrage” about it. So I'm not really inclined to start bashing her because she's a girl.
    The whole thing actually confuses me, especially because she's slept with 6 guys not 600.
    Accent annoyed me, simply because I go to Birmingham for uni and hear it too often, ew.

  • Heretica Neue

    Doesn't Rihanna do this in, like, every song of hers?

  • shoehorn

    i wouldn't know one way or the other
    but isn't rap pretty much about boastful/self-deprecating exaggerations ?
    so are we evaluating this as disgusting/acceptable because a kid “shouldn't” be saying this, or because a kid “shouldn't” be doing this ?
    either way it bears mentioning that there's more objectionable shit in the first six seconds of any given earl sweatshirt song, but all anybody's saying about that is free earl.. then again oddfuture is more obviously ironic.. idk

    • Humblecore

      I dunno, people seem to definitely be pushing back against Odd Future's treatment of certain sexual themes – particularly the frequency with which they talk about rape and violence against homosexuals and women.

      Nitsuh Abebe wrote a pretty great piece about it that I can't find the link to right now, but search it out. Not everyone's defending their every move.

      • shoehorn

        found it, thanks for the heads up, humblecore
        was not aware, seems like just overwhelming positive buzz re oddfuture

  • Ca

    proof that this generation is literally glued to their phones

  • Zaikefilms

    Dude this chick can rap!

  • Greg Petliski

    I think the only issue is that she is a minor. So what if women want to brag about sexual conquests? Let em whats the big deal. But a 16 year old? Nah, way too many pedophiles out there having way too good a time watching this stuff.

    • Mitch

      Except they're not. Pedophilia is sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children, not anyone under the legal age of consent. /petpeeve

  • Guest666

    bare bars. gyal dem chat shit about tings man dem do no long ting getme.

  • http://my.staff.get/it jeez

    To illustrate the veracity of the “double standard,” just look at it this way: all this chick had to do to rack up her number of sex partners was be there, and open her legs. A corresponding 16 year old boy would have to be a “baller” with high social status and some serious calibration, and even then would be making quite the effort to bed all those girls. From a sex market perspective, male promiscuity demonstrates ability in a way that female promiscuity does not.

    So, it's not plainly that female promiscuity is negative; rather it's value-neutral, and corresponding personality traits like impulsivity vs long-term thinking, extraversion, stimulation-seeking and the like come to the fore when men contemplate whether to invest long-term in a woman, since for a girl it's always a downhill slope to getting new dick.

    • humblecore

      No one respond to this comment like it's a real thing.

      • xtos

        two things:

        1. unrelated to your comment but that video wasn't very good. stopped watching after about 40 seconds.

        2. shut the fuck up. who do you think you are? i hate the attitude some people have about feminism on this site. yes i know you think his argument is ignorant, contrived, self-evident, whatever else. but the fact that they've bothered to type this out obviously means that they hear what others are saying but believe

        yes i personally think his post is stupid. but fuck you for replying that way. do you really think this is how you go about winning the hearts and minds? you and everybody liking your comment instead of SAYING SOMETHING TO HIM can pat yourselves on the back knowing that this chauvinistic plebe totally doesn't 'get' feminism and you are above him.

        OR you could say something like…i dono….in this day and age shifting societal values and proliferation/advancement of contraceptive methods have more and more effectively divorced the act of sex from procreation? that obviously these double standards had a biological basis at some point in human history but this becomes less and less true as time goes on? that we have to acknowledge such assumptions are flawed to bring about a shift in the way people view the concept of promiscuity and sexual identity?

        but hey maybe he's just making a troll post and i fell for it by actually RESPONDING TO HIS ARGUMENT instead of doing the comment equivalent of saying 'hmph!' and turning my nose up.

      • ricky sccchitliyz

        why? he explained his argument with various points to back it up. you, on the other hand, have said nothing

        frankly, he does have a point, the reason the double standard exists is because it's relatively harder for men to have many partners than it is for women…it may not be ethically correct for this standard to exist, or it may not be polically correct to say so, but if yousincerely deny this fact, maybe you need to take off your young-PC-feminist-goggles and take a look at the world around you.

  • george brostanza

    fuck dudes, get money.

  • Ryan O'Connell

    I can't understand a word she's saying.

  • Shocked

    What? Teenagers have sex?

  • xmkdz

    i dont think anyone cares

  • EmilyAVasquez

    LET GIRL DO HER THING. just like we let kim and foxy.

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