German Teenager Teaches Cow To Jump Over Fences

When her parents refused to buy her a horse, this 15-year-old German teenager decided to train the family cow instead. It took a couple of years, but the girl, Regina Mayer, eventually taught the cow to follow commands, jump over fences, and otherwise behave more or less like a horse. Aside from being cute and funny, it’s an interesting case of animal psychology, kind of like that tiger that raised piglets. TC mark


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  • george brostanza

    That cow looks fucking delicious. is it grass fed organic? dash of spice with a side of sauteed chard and that's a solid dinner.

    • ...

      You're so edgy and witty, I can't stand it.

  • shoe hand

    martin putzhammer is kewl

  • urbandictionarythatshit



    putz + hammer

  • LDN

    omg the cow is SO CUTE. i want one!

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