BBC’s Human Planet Takes On The Douche

The BBC’s Human Planet program is a stellar documentary series about nature and human life. Over the course of the past few months, the program has covered such interesting stories as the Bajau underwater hunter, the building of a green city in Dubai, and camel herding in the Gobi desert. But they’ve truly outdone themselves with this latest segment: a truly fascinating exploration of the douche, “a type of human that has not evolved like the rest of the race.” TC mark


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  • Samuel Walker

    omg the dancing circle

    • joecastagna

      Bronado BWAHAHAHA, I have seen it out in the wild. it's a scary thing.

  • Synerjizzm

    Scary stuff.

  • Greg Petliski

    I don't believe the prey is smarter than the douche, and does in fact copulate with one or more of the male douches. If this were not the case, then the douche as a subspecies would have gone extinct by now.

    • Greg

      totally agree….Not only have many of these douche maneuvers worked before, but they have bee so effective, that entire clubs/venues base their business model on attracting douches

      • Greg Petliski

        It goes beyond the typical douche as well. Anyone could spot the type in the video. But each genre of humans has their douche types, and women naturally go for that. A female friend of mine shed some light on why this is often so: women enjoy a challenge. A nice guy is too close to perfect for most women to be able to mold, manipulate, and change. A guy who is outgoing, charismatic, etc, and has that douche streak in him will naturally attract women who see his “potential” and want to take on the challenge of making him into a better guy. And then theyre shocked when it doesnt work and theyre stuck with a shitty boyfriend or husband who drinks and beats them. Hence, I feel no sympathy for most women who wind up in terminally abusive relationships. You chose that man, ladies.

  • joecastagna

    This is quite possibly the funniest thing I have seen all week. I can't believe they did this! It's awesome.

  • Michael Koh

    This made me want sunglasses.

  • Ray Ray

    This is obviously a parody of “Human Planet” —

  • Readywater

    It would be Toronto. There's been a migration west lately, makes sense that the predators are moving too.

  • mni

    what about the douchettes or douchebagettes?

  • Waicool

    nozzles, waffles and bags need not apply.

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