Roommates Party In Friend’s Room For Six Months While He’s Away

This fun-loving group of people took their friend Rob’s six-month trip to India as an opportunity to stage a series of seemingly non-stop parties in his room. Themes included: balloon party, toilet-paper-mummy party, and glow-in-the-dark-disco party. Are these the worst or best roommates ever? I’m not sure. The only thing I can think is: why didn’t Rob sublet his room?!TC mark


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    Maybe he was independently wealthy? OR IT'S ALL FAKE! One of the two.

  • Omar De Col


    always thinkin' abt the money rawiya…

  •!/nvvmxac danne rassle

    The hero here is ROB

  • Kevin

    Only people that look like that have time to do shit like this.

  • bvllets

    Wheres all the fucking booze

  • flawedsquares

    good thing they didn't hold that “child pornography ring party” in his room like my roommate stephen did when I was at Rob's Room party for 6 months.

  • itsguccitime

    Wow! They're all so ~WiLd and CrAzy~!!!!

  • Samuel Walker

    Christians. Gotta be.

    • NEve

      I was thinking Canadians

  • Rob

    I'm Rob, and you're all in trouble when I get back, you guys!

  • federico

    just a bunch of fat people

  • tevye

    fidder on the roof party

  • Jtm1800

    Would be better if there the girls weren't all busted.

  • Leela Jain

    The girls should have worn saris. Now THAT would've been legit.

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