How To Explain It To My Parents

[vimeo 13150610 w=622 h=350]

How To Explain It To My Parents, a fantastic documentary series released last summer by artists/directors Lernert & Sander, features just that: a handful of abstract artists explaining their work to their parents. In this episode, Dutch artist Martin C. de Waal, who in using plastic surgery as the basis of his artistic exploration is the most extreme of the bunch, sits down with his parents to discuss his art and their perceptions of his work. Not surprisingly, mom and pop de Waal, though they are super supportive, have a difficult time understanding why their son nips and tucks his face under the guise of art. “We’ve always enjoyed following your work, but we often had no idea what it was about,” says his mother. The series is fascinating and endearing and uncomfortable all at once. And it kind of makes me want to pick up the phone and explain to my parents why I don’t have, or want, a “real job.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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