Funny Hipster Gives George Michael's "Careless Whisper" Full Public Prank Treatment

The classic so-cheesy-it’s-kind-of-amazing saxophone solo from George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” gets the public prank treatment in this video. A mulleted, shirtless, pleather pant-clad jokester serenaded crowds at a mall food court, an in-n-out drive thru, and even a college biology class with his sexy sax sounds, all the while pissing off security guard after security guard. TC mark


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  • Jimmy Chen

    i love this, but has any one mentioned that this borrows from SNL/jon hamm's “sergio” digital short? he has clearly appropriated this somewhat

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    • Bro

      i noticed the same thing, it is extremely similar but still kinda funny i guess

  • Ok

    Why is the word hipster in this title

    • Broseidon

      ignorance. that’s why.

  • chillwave gonzales

    A deep chill.

  • erin pea

    dude i have not laughed so hard at a youtube video in like 6 months. A++

  • erin pea

    so i actually started crying from laughter after watching this the second time.

  • boobs mcgee

    hipster ???? i know right?? so freakin ironic for it to be titlled this. Its not even cool anymore, I mean i was watchin this before they even posted this

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