Cute Little Girl Can Name Every Capital City In The World

For pretty much my whole life, I walked around thinking I had been some sort of super special, super bright child. Turns out I really wasn’t that remarkable at all, and the Internet never fails to remind me of that heartbreaking fact. This girl, on the other hand, is all kinds of awesome. In this video, she spews out most of the world’s capital cities on demand and with seemingly not very much effort. But the best part is how bored she looks; like, c’mon mom, I can name every member of those countries’ parliaments, too. TC mark


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  • T.O.

    this is kinda little brother can surprisingly do the same (with less cute results)

  • WfsA

    i was at angkor wat, cambodia a few years back and every kid that was peddling some sort of tourist shtick there used this as a tool to get you to buy their stuff

  • Dave P

    I hate children.


    I can name every capital that she can. Put me against this girl in a contest where the winner gets a viral internet video.


      I think she got Iran wrong.

  • lol

    not gonna lie this girl/whole video is too ethnic to be anywhere near cute

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