British Man Fears “Muslamic Infidels” and “Iraqi Law”

At a recent English Defence League march, a young protester spoke to a reporter about his fear of “Muslamic infidels” and the advent of “Iraqi law” in London. The EDL, a relatively new far-right group whose primary stance is opposing what it calls Muslim extremism, has been organizing protests throughout England over the past couple of years. EDL protests often end with injuries and arrests and, in one particularly troubling case last year, EDL supporters reportedly threw missiles at counter-protesters. There’s clearly a lot of anger here, but the truly scary part is how unintelligible that anger appears to be. TC mark


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  • padface

    It's really scary that people can be so uneducated. This is both an example of why getting everyone a good education is so important, and proof that our previous Labour government really fucked up.

  • Michael Gomez


  • misskimball

    He's the official EDL media spokesman. He says 'infidel' right because it's on the fat guy's t-shirt. They are really only a threat to themselves, getting their head stuck in railings or electrocuted

  • P. H. Madore

    This defeats any notion of British intellectual superiority, I think.

    • Gene

      Find me a country which doesn't have a small section of the populace on this intellectual level, and then you can talk smack about entire nations.

      For the subject as a whole: I find the EDL a very difficult topic to talk about, certainly considering I try to keep my comments on blogs concise. While they're clearly not in the right, I can't begrudge them their existence. In a country where housing has been squeezed for a very long time and public services are ritualistically abused, the white working class have been ignored first by right-wing and then by neo-liberal governments for coming on to two decades now. Whenever any member of that class speaks up on a relevant issue such as immigration they're denounced as a racist, or an issue such as the economy they're sneered at as uneducated.

      I can't help but feel that it's partially the fault of the liberals for drowning out debate that resentment is bottled, and occasionally spurts out in instances such as this one.

      • P. H. Madore

        I'm just saying these twits generally enjoy an undeserved acclaim as being so much smarter. This guy is the British tea party minus even the well-developed bullshit/lies.


    Oh dear lord…I hope no americans see this.

  • Tommmmmm

    muslamic rayguns.

    • Jody Fossler

      sounds peaceful.

  • JunglistMovement

    I laughed at the guy in the background hiding his face in shame.

    Well, I would have laughed if it wasn't all so depressing.

  • Guest

    Am I the only one who thinks he might be slurring his words? Sounds kinda drunk to me.

  • Codger81

    Well despite the fact he's clearly not all that sharp, at least he seems to be concerned for what are genuine reasons.

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