Australian Real Estate Company Uses Terrible Ad To Sell House

In this advertisement for what appears to be a pretty incredible house in Queensland, Australian real estate company Neo Property employs a pretty, um, strange sales tactic. Even after watching it a couple of times, all I can seem to figure out is that there’s a sweaty lingerie model tied to a chair, a couple of ladies about to get it on, and the eventual arrival of a SWAT team? The model tells the emergency dispatcher she’s “in another Neo video.” Is this a home invasion scenario or did the creepy real estate brokers kidnap her themselves? I have no idea.

Perhaps someone in an advertising agency somewhere thought they were “thinking outside the box” when they pitched this, but it’s all kinds of ridiculous. And, aside from the obvious reasons why this is a terrible ad, why would anyone presume it to be effective? Are they trying to sell property to adults or to a nation of high school boys sitting at home watching porn? My guess is that anyone who could afford such a ballin’ house probably doesn’t make real estate decisions based on some gratuitous semi-nudity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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