Anti-Muslim Protesters Chant Hate At Fundraising Event

This video, put together by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is a compilation of footage of a protest-turned-ugly outside an Orange County fundraiser held by the Islamic Circle of North American Relief USA. The group was hoping raising money for local women’s shelters and to fight homelessness, but the attendance of two “controversial speakers” drew several hundred protesters. As you’ll see in the video, several dozen protesters began shouting the likes of “Go back home” and “Muhammad was a false prophet” at Muslim attendees of the event. And then there was Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly who offered this not-so-veiled threat: “I know quite a few marines who would be happy to help these terrorists to an early meeting in paradise.” TC mark


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  • Es

    Wow that Deborah Pauly needs a good kick up the ass.

    Their gross lack of education and human compassion is horrendous. There were children there.

  • Ellen o

    Wow, what a gross display of ignorance.. at least it showed how dignified and calm they acted as they were attacked and proved who looked the idiot there.. embarrassing how close-minded some people are.. poor kids being exposed to so much hate :/


    I'm glad this video is making the rounds on ostensibly “non political” blogs like this because it very much is a political issue people should be aware of. Bigotry towards Muslims is one of the few last acceptable prejudicial behavior in mainstream political culture.

  • Kathy Shaidle

    You're kidding, right? Do you know one of the speakers at the “fundraiser” is an unindicted co-conspiracist in the first WTC bombing, and the other supports Hezzbollah? Do you know anything about CAIR?

    Of course not. All you see are the poor little brown people of your liberal fantasies.

    Here in Toronto, a moderate Muslim was receiving death threats from radical Muslims (while he was in a hospital bed, post surgery) and the MUSLIM cops refused to press charges. How naive are you people?

    You are the ones who are uneducated. The only thing Muslims contribute to women's shelters are new residents.

    • EmiliaBedelia

      When I first saw this video I thought how lucky I am to live in Canada and more so Toronto where this kind of thing would probably never be tolerated. Apparently, though, there are people like you everywhere.

      • Kathy Shaidle

        So you're angrier at me for pointing out simple, indisputable facts about a “fundraiser” whose guest speakers include known terror supporters, than you are about the fact that serious death threats against a Toronto Muslim were dismissed by Muslim cops.

        Do you find that kind of “Toronto tolerance” acceptable?

        If not, do you have the guts to speak out against it, like Tarek Fatah and I do?

        Of course not.

        Glad you've got your liberal priorities straight, typical Toronto female!

        I realize that anything that disturbs your precious anti-American smugness and low tolerance for “conflict” makes it hard for you to face facts.

        Leave it to those of us with the balls to handle it, sweetiepie, and/or go stick your head in your compost bin.

      • EmiliaBedelia

        Let's get this straight, Kathy Shaidle, I am not anti-American, I'm anti-Kathy Shaidle & Co.

        I am done with you.

      • the siz

        I pity you.

        You and the “balls” you hide behind.

        May you learn the err in your ways before you do something REALLY stupid.

    • Es

      'All you see are the poor little brown people of your liberal fantasies'


      Honestly, I don't even know how to respond to such ludicracy.

    • Chica45780

      go fuck yourself.

    • the muslims

      kathy, your blog is really ugly :( might want to use tumblr, probably easier for you.

  • Sharif Youssef

    Deborah and that Kathy commentator need the kick up the ass. I'm an American born Egyptian who spent the first half of my life living in Yorba Linda or within one-mile of it. I grew up gay and Arab in Orange County during the first Gulf War and I can assure you that those witless bigots don't care whether or not Ousama bin Laden or Barney Frank is in there. They just want someone to hate – Arab (any kind, take your pick), illegal immigrant, or “fag.” It's a community founded by white flight and ideals of purity and wealth, filled with cynical “patriots” who want to “support our troops”/”get or stay rich quick.” I watch that video, recognize the setting and feel the exact same way you would remembering an old abusive relationship. That cartoon mob doesn't realize it's an ugly joke to the rest of the world. I only hope that those kids can grow up and get out of there with some self-esteem left intact.

  • sickened

    You are one sick delusional, woman Kathy. I despise the radical Muslims as much as you do. I think you're also a liar when you said one was a co-conspiracist of the wtc bombing. But to go this far and most likely put both you daughter and son in danger, especially with him in the military is just STUPID. If anything happens to either one of them it is no ones fault but yours. You should seek help. I think you are a dangerous person

  • sickened


  • mehz

    Bit stupid that those people are shouting go back home when their whole country was built by immigrants. Maybe some native americans should tell them to go back home!

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