Lil’ Kim’s Beef With Nicki Minaj Intensifies

Lil’ Kim is nuts. And I don’t mean it in that all-women-over-a-certain-age-are-crazy way. I mean I actually have concerns about her sanity. Over the past little while, her obsession with Nicki Minaj has been getting out of control. First there was the diss song “Black Friday.” Then there was the mixtape and corresponding music video. And now, in her latest anti-Nicki gesture, Kim has released Carbon Copy, a short “documentary exposé about crazed fans with record deals.”

Much like the singular theme of her entire anti-Nicki stance, the premise of Carbon Copy is that Nicki is a swagger-jacker. A series of (poorly edited) montages and audio clips is supposed to demonstrate just how much Nicki has been influenced by Kim, both in her raps and her style. Duh. That’s fairly obvious, and Nicki has admitted as much in public. But, apparently, knowing that isn’t enough for Kim, who is upset that Nicki once cited Lauryn Hill as an influence in an interview. Maybe it’s the same sort of bitterness and sense of impending old age I feel when I see 17-year-olds on the train who are way cooler than I am.

Seriously, though. At this point, it’s not even a battle or a competition anymore. Either Nicki Minaj should be concerned about her safety, or it’s just tired, desperate way for Kim to keep her name in the rap blogs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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