Super Polite Robber Caught On Video

Desperate times call for desperate measures. That pretty much sums up the attitude of this man caught on video reluctantly robbing a convenience store. He pays for his coffee and says “please” and “thank you” and “sir” and “I’m sorry” as he robs the clerk at gunpoint. It’s a heartbreaking scene—he truly does seem like he’s out of options, and explains he has to pay his rent and feed his kids. “If I ever get back on my feet again, sir, I’ll bring it back,” he says. The clerk, as stunned as he is, seems as empathetic as you might feel watching it. TC mark


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  • Mr. White

    fake and gay

    • Blah

      Since it's not his first robbery, it isn't sincere, no? p.s. this is soo 5years ago.

    • jacob

      I remember when I got my first computer.

    • christopher lynsey

      you have a bad attitude.

  • jacob

    what's even worse is that if this video hits the news, I'm almost positive that someone will turn him in.

  • Glorybox231

    this has to be fake. if i was that person behind the counter, i'd be freaking the fuck out.

  • Fernando Severns

    That's a little sad to see. People will feel sorry for the robber, probably, but a crime is a crime no matter the reason it was done for. The CCTV cameras have caught the man in the act, and with its help, things would hopefully be all sorted out in the end.

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