Anti-Authoritarian Authoritarians:The Other F Word

Though South by Southwest has earned the reputation of being more of a see-and-be-seen drunkfest than a legitimate week of panels and conferences, it actually has a pretty robust film festival. This year, SXSW Film will be premiering The Other F Word, a documentary that aims to explore “what happens when a generation’s ultimate anti-authoritarians—punk rockers—become society’s ultimate authorities—dads.” Directed by Andrea Blaugrand Nevins and featuring a handful of seminal punk and rock figures in their later years, the film takes a look at what happens when punk rockers have to, essentially, grow up.

Watching the trailer reminded me very much of that scene in American Hardcore where Steve “Mugger” Corbin, a former Black Flag roadie, sips a glass of wine and talks about having invested his Black Flag and SST money into tech stocks. He’s now an “independently wealthy”  CPA. Either way, The Other F Word seems to touch on, among other things, a fundamental issue that many of us will struggle with, punks or not: how to find happiness and success without becoming the Man. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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