Adorable Toddler Explains the Situation in Egypt


It’s been a couple of weeks, but the demonstrations in Egypt are showing no sign of going away. The latest is this: though Mubarak is still refusing to step down (duh), he has resigned as the leader of his party. And the government, with Omar Suleiman newly appointed as VP, is making concessions to try to appease protesters, even though it seems nothing short of a Mubarak ouster will suffice.

But if you’re still having a tough time understanding exactly what all the protesting and is about, not to worry: this adorable little girl has you covered. Watch Nina as she does us all a favor and breaks down the situation in Egypt as simply as possible. In fact, her explanation is so rock-solid, it’s pretty much universally applicable. Replace “Egypt” with pretty much any other country in the world and Nina’s interpretation more or less holds true. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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