Mom Publicly Shames Her Son For Bad Grades

This woman’s son is doing poorly in school—like, 1.22 GPA poorly—and she simply isn’t having it. When confiscating his phone and “other things” didn’t work, she decided to try something new: embarrass him, by putting him on a street corner with a “Honk If I Need Education” sign. She figures he’ll be hanging on a street corner anyway, if he doesn’t get through school. She clearly takes her parenting duties very seriously. Sure, it’s extreme and her son may hate her for a little while, but at least she isn’t giving up on him. Maybe, as she predicts, he will thank her for it one day. TC mark

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  • Aforabsinthe

    Saw this in our local paper. It's a damn shame she's facing abuse charges for it.
    Sure it's unconventional, but it's kind of refreshing to see a parent who turns to the unconventional when the conventional fails, instead of, you know, giving up and leaving society one more uneducated kid.

    • rawiya kameir

      she's facing abuse charges?! wow. that's like the woman who was sent to jail for sneaking her kids into a better school district.

      • Aforabsinthe

        Can't find it on my local site anymore, but this one has the gist. Doesn't DCS have better things to do?

    • junjun

      I don't understand how this is abusive at all. :|

  • pluvia

    Haha all I was thinking in the first ten seconds was, “Why is she naked?”

    • kmoz

      ME TOO. Haha.

  • Peter Smith

    Speaking of education, that sign isn't very effective above 5 mph…

  • phmadore

    She clearly knows what the consequences of lacking education are, and so she's trying to better her son's life by forcing him to do better in school, which is kind of the American dream, right? — give your kids a better life and all — so she shouldn't be charged with anything. She should be commended.

  • federico

    she should edit her sign for clarity.

  • joychan


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