Jon Stewart on the Mark Twain N-Word Controversy

On last night’s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and always-insightful Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore tackled the issue of the so-called “sanitization” of Huck Finn. This is old news in the blogosphere but, surprise, surprise, JStew and Wilmore have some important contributions to make to the conversation.

You shoulda put a toga on it

The word “nigger” makes us uncomfortable and, as Wilmore says, it should. After all, it is a clear reminder of America’s casual dehumanization of black people. But Twain’s inclusion of the word doesn’t make Huck Finn any less of a Great American Novel; if anything, it adds to the book’s greatness. Moreover, it’s scary to think of a future where art and literature, the only avenues through which we are free to openly examine society, are marred by political correctness. One minute we’re politically-correct-ifying Huck Finn, next we’re putting a toga on the Venus de Milo. TC mark


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  • @MalWontLetMe

    I genuinely like most everything that Thought Catalog publishes and I know internet criticism generally lends itself to knee-jerk negative comments but I feel inclined to voice my disapproval via (Why Wasn't I Consulted…). I do not think this article ought to be included in the 'Thought Catalog Canon'. Here's what I'm sayin:

    I was on twitter and i saw that thought catalog tweeted the following: “Jon Stewart on the Mark Twain N-Word Controversy”. I thought, wow, this is goin to be awesome, and i clicked on it and was surprised to find a video of jon stewart on the mark twain n-word controversy. then i saw a nice recap and some new rhetoric by the author which i like. all i'm saying is, i don't think this article is worthy of a thought catalog article. it seems like what i would normally see would be a twitter or facebook link to the dailyshow clip, not a 'thought catalog' article, which is really just jon stewart's opinion plus rawiya's added wit.

    i do like the added wit by rawiya, though.

    • eric

      this is the article you take issue with? try clicking 'Viral Media' up top under 'Popular Catalog IDs'… it's 'the future of journalism' don't you know

    • Joseph Ernest Harper

      Nah bro. Thought Catalog needs more videos and Ryan “The O.C.” O'connell articles.

  • Dan

    When I was in primary school, we had to put underpants on the statue of David.

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