The Search for America’s Next “Top Homeless Person”?

In this vile news segment from Indianapolis’ Fox 59 TV station, a “journalist” is sent into the streets to search for America’s Next Top Homeless Person. She asks two homeless sisters whether they’ve heard of overnight sensation Ted Williams. They haven’t. Apparently, living on the streets makes it difficult to keep track of the viral videos of the week or something.  Said “journalist” also asks whether they have any “hidden talents”—other than, you know, being a pair of good-for-nothing hobos. TC mark


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  • Bruno Dion

    So You Think You Are America's Top Homeless Chef Idol.
    Coming soon to Fox.

  • Ras

    damn that was hard to watch

  • Evan Hatch

    i don't really get how this homeless people thing is supposed to be inspiring. seems scary to me more than anything, knowing that even if you have a great talent or skill you could end up on skid row eating out of the trash or some shit.

  • SJ Graham

    wow. upsetting. thanks for sharing.

    • aaron nicholas

      so fucked up.
      “No surprise she hasn't heard of overnight internet sensation, Ted Williams.”

      “I was probably sleeping in my cubby hole somewhere, trying to keep warm.”

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