Phoenix Jones: Seattle's Real-life Superhero?

Real-life superhero Phoenix Jones had his nose broken by a couple of bandits while out fighting crime. Jones, who can be seen in this video wearing a nifty costume fitting for a protector of the streets, was attacked and held at gunpoint after trying to break up a fight in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. Naturally, Police Detective Mark Jamieson discourages this kind of vigilante crime-fighting. “Don’t insert yourself into those kinds of situations,” said Jamieson. “If you see something, call 911.”

Jamieson’s words of warning make sense; it’s hard out there for a civilian superhero. But if I were being beaten up or had just been mugged, I’d be more than happy to let Phoenix Jones come to my rescue. And while I don’t expect any of you to put on a lycra bodysuit and a cape and take to the streets any time soon, isn’t Jones’ concern for complete strangers kind of refreshing? TC mark


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  • Chris

    ” isn’t Jones’ concern for complete strangers kind of refreshing?”

    YES, seriously, it is.

  • char


  • Gerry Rice


  • Tom Smith… there's a whole online society of real life super heroes. It's really bizarre.

  • Michael Koh


  • aaron nicholas

    fucking fabulous

  • Ryan

    I was totally convinced right up until he said “willy nilly.”

  • funkisockmunki

    Bwahaha… I used to live on that corner. The area definitely could use some superheroes to clean up the crack dealers and hos.

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