The New Rage in Russia: Homemade Bungee Jumping?

It’s tough being a teenager. So many dumb, dangerous, life-ruining choices to make, such little time. But try being a teenager in Russia where, as these videos suggest, boredom (and possibly some consciousness-altering substance) is so rampant that throwing yourself off a building with a makeshift bungee cord seems like a good way to pass the time. Even the dumbest of the dumb, daringest of the daring kids I’ve known in my day would be too chicken—by which I mean “too smart”—to attempt a stunt like this. Or so I hope.

I watched these videos several times over in attempt to figure out why someone, supported only by a barely-there harness, would allow a handful of friends to propel them off the side of what looks like a pretty tall building. Is this all the rage in Russia? Have they watched too many action movies? Is life in Russia that bleak? Why don’t they just do parkour? Are kids doing this here? Am I overreacting? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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