C'mon, Get Happy!

It’s been a sad, sad week for our species: anti-government protests in Egypt turned violent; more than 30 people were killed in a suicide bombing at a Moscow airport; the Jets lost against the Steelers in the AFC Championship. The awful stories just keep piling on, and I’ve been finding myself wondering whether there’s any good out there. So, instead of another bit of depressing news, here’s something to cheer us all up. If this video of some super-cute SpongeBob-loving Japanese kids doesn’t get you through the week, I don’t know what will. TC mark

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  • http://twitter.com/billApomerans Bill A Pomerans

    what the hell

  • JoeyMartin

    That mom is a chiller.

  • asshole steve

    i acted like that just for the sake of acting like that when i was little. i was never genuinely excited. these kids are just mugging for the camera.

  • Marc


  • Brandon Gorrell

    really like “SPONGEEBOBU”

  • LDN

    that was scary

  • Tweenagedream

    straight from heems…

  • shit

    i remember reading a comment about the video i found eerie… bleak almost

    something about the fact there isn't a restaurant or food present in the video

    just selling the emotions or something

    happy meals make me depressed as shit

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