Under New York City with Andrew Wonder and Steve Duncan

The thing about New York City is that it isn’t all leggy models and fusion restaurants; a fair bit of it is old, crumbling, and downright grimey. And that’s the fascinating part, according to urban explorer and historian Steve Duncan of Undercity.org.

In the beautifully shot short documentary “Undercity,” Duncan takes director/cinematographer Andrew Wonder on a tour of a few of the coolest—and most dangerous—restricted areas of the city. The film sees the two of them jumping third rails and dodging trains beneath the Fulton Street subway station, breaking into the sewer system, and climbing above the Williamsburg Bridge. And it’s all guerilla style: the two spend much of the film dodging cops and transit authorities.

Prepare to spend the entire length of “Undercity” alternating between biting your nails in nervousness, wishing Duncan were your BFF, and plotting a similar renegade exploration in your hometown. But, really though, don’t try this at home, kids! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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