VBS.tv Explains Why the Taliban in Pakistan Are So Freaking Angry

Vice Founder Suroosh Alvi returns to the edge of the decimated Darra gun markets, now under Taliban control.
A.M, Goraya

In this VBS.tv news piece โ€œTaliban in Pakistan,โ€ Vice founder and always-insightful reporter Suroosh Alvi reminds us pretty much what weโ€™ve known all along: stuffโ€™s going down in Pakistan pretty much because everyoneโ€™s kinda peeved at U.S. foreign policy. In the 18-minute-long segment, Alvi speaks to a noted Pakistani journalist whoโ€™s interviewed Osama Bin Laden twice, frustrated local government soldiers, Taliban-sympathetic villagers, and a handful of other people who explain why Pakistan, and the Peshawar region in particular, has โ€œspiraled downward into a cesspool of militancy and fundamentalism.โ€

The journalist, Rahimullah Yusufzai, explains that the Taliban are gaining momentum because they are ingratiating themselves with a poor, fed-up populace thatโ€™s receiving no support from the Pakistani government. According to a Taliban leader he interviewed, Yusufzai says there are thousands of young men who are willing to die as suicide bombers because they are โ€œpissed off and vengeful beyond belief.โ€ That same Taliban leader told Yusufzai he could โ€œturn a young man into a suicide bomber in half an hour.โ€ Yikes. TC mark


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  • Adl

    Damn. Jesus. Wow.

  • Audrey

    i learn more from your tc posts than i do in college

  • http://twitter.com/itchypeach etsena

    goddamn. i hate that they can really take it this far. pakistan has nuclear weapons they have the capabilities to blow up many things and if this revolution does succeed there may be a problem…we shall see i'm pretty sure however that many foreign governments have their hands in pakistani affairs and are controlling it to the best they can..

  • chilet

    it always starts from home and when not addressed the right way could become big… hope their government would act on whatever conflict so not to make things worse…

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