Thanks For Nothing, Allstate

In theory, I understand that this is “funny.” It’s the oldest ad-trick in the book: take two seemingly disparate things and combine them into one hilarious, bound-to-go-viral video. Sort of like rapping grandmas or talking animals. In this case, though, a smooth, handsome dude in a suit is as far as it gets from an Internet lingo-spewing, baby pink truck-driving, boy-crazy, text message-addicted teenage girl. Ha ha ha, easy laugh, easy ad.

But isn’t there something a little problematic about reinforcing the notion that teenage girls are vapid and irresponsible? At what point does this step into self-fulfilling prophecy territory? Tell adolescent girls they’re supposed to like pink and think about nothing but boys, and that’s exactly what they’ll like and think about.

I know it’s just an ad, but I preferred those slow-mo motorcyle crashes.

Isn’t that a more effective way of selling auto insurance, anyway? TC mark

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  • joeb

    I think they're funny. let's not worry about whatever pressure they may be placing on the psyche of adolescent Americans…

    • rawiya

      Fair enough!

  • peter

    I've always been terrified of Allstate thanks to those ads where that guy just stands by and talks to you smugly while an accident happens in the background. Maybe he is subconsciously meant to be symbolic of the fact that insurance isn't actually going to step in and stop you from getting in an accident, and they are trying to warn us that the money would be better spent on inflatable crash suits, like the ones on the Mars landers.

    Anyway, if there is any point to this: what about those Burger King ads where everybody wakes up and marches down to Burger King with painful, threatened, slave-like smiles? Those don't even get a mention?


    i think the first ten seconds of this ad with a middle aged man, badly beaten, driving a car that obviously isn't his, telling himself, “I'm a teenage girl,” is a really good start to a serial killer film.

  • brian burke

    that 'ghost bikes' spot rules

  • Daniel Roberts

    I actually love these ads. Adore them. But that could also be because I loved the show Rescue Me, omn which Dean Winters played the asshole brother. And I see your point abt the sexism, I spose, though that's just this one, not the whole series, and in the big scheme of offensive ad campaigns, this one is pretty benign.

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