7 Reasons You Should Try CrossFit If You’re Unhappy In Life

CrossFit or CultFit. Call it what you will. There’s no denying CrossFit has rapidly grown the past few years.

Despite little evidence to suggest why, CrossFit is a lifestyle which people claim to be the “happiest and healthiest” they’ve ever been. You know someone does CrossFit, because they will tell you how it has changed their life. CrossFit is a fitness regimen developed in 2000 by founder Greg Glassman combining constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity, in a communal environment, including olympic lifting, gymnastics, and conditioning. CrossFit’s theoretical “formula”: “CVFM (constantly varied functional movements) @ HI (high intensity) + Communal Environment = Health.” And, I’ll be bold to add “happiness.”

Why you should try CrossFit it you’re unhappy with your life:

1. You will build confidence. CrossFit is conscious and deliberate self-actualization. It’s about improving and developing the will. Most who start CrossFit are looking for something more in life, for some it’s as simple as strength, for others it’s more. CrossFit challenges to be your very best, and with that challenge comes confidence built through measurable steps of self-improvement.

2. You will make friends. CrossFit is built on the foundation of community. What sets a CrossFit gym apart from a ‘normal’ gym, is that members become more than your training partners – they become your family. It’s a community of like-minded positive supportive individuals. You will surround yourself with others who build you up and believe in you.

3. You will build mental strength. CrossFit builds mental toughness. Workouts are designed to be gruelling. I won’t lie – they’re hard. You’re racing a clock, pushing through to the end of a workout, and no matter how much it hurts, you keep going. CrossFitters learn through overcoming repeatedly tough situations that “a situation might seem hopeless and overwhelming, but if I keep going, I’ll get through it.”

4. You will build physical strength. If you’re a rugby player, a mother, or even if you’ve never exercised in your life – you will build physical strength – that’s functional. Moving house becomes easier. Carrying your groceries becomes child’s play compared to a Farmers Carry. CrossFit helps you build strength inside the box that will help you each and every day.

5. You will learn to embrace change. Constantly varied – that’s what CrossFit about. Change is inevitable and necessary in life – to keep us moving, growing and interested. Imagine life without change. It would be boring and dull. CrossFit teaches you to embrace change through repeatedly different workouts.

6. You will become determined. Want to master that new skill? Want to follow your dreams? CrossFit builds determination. One day it will be the determination to nail those damn Pistols (one legged squats), and the next day it will be the determination to take over the world (perhaps an over exaggeration – but you get what I mean).

7. You will learn to love your life. The end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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