What Is True Love?


As I get older I get more and more cynical about ‘true love’.  Perhaps it’s because I’m single (probably a good factor as to why), or perhaps it’s because people don’t really seem to take commitment, especially marriage that seriously anymore.

Gone are the days of ‘forever’ – Divorce is a reality, and it’s now so widely accepted. Why bother fixing it, when you can just leave, and start all over again?

Our grandparents grew up in an age where if it was broken you fix it, none of this ‘oh I’ll just run away’ crap. What happened to ’til death do us part’? Does marriage even hold the value it did ten or 20 years ago?

What I just don’t understand is why bother marrying someone if you’re only going to run away when things get difficult, or leave when a newer younger model comes along. I find it sad, really sad that people who commit to spending the rest of their lives together can’t try to work things out when it gets tough. Just sort your shit out. There was a reason why you decided to spend the rest of your lives together, why can’t you spend time trying to find that reason all over again?

I know some relationships are past fixing, or shouldn’t be fixed dependent on situation or circumstance, but too many people just choose the easy way out. Life’s not easy. Period.

The ‘honeymoon stage’ of a relationship is always fun, exciting and thrilling, after that, things aren’t as carefree anymore, that’s when your idiosyncrasies start to show. There will be fights, disagreements, difficult times – you can’t always be happy and content. As much as I’m an advocate for positivity and seeking happiness, I have my shit days, just as much as everyone else.

I think the problem a lot of people have is that they’re searching for that perfect person, when the perfect person does not exist. I’m not telling you to settle, I’m just saying – there’s no such thing as perfect. I think that the person you marry, or choose to spend the rest of your life with should be your best friend, because once you’re past wanting to rip each other’s clothes off, you’re left with their personality. Your best friend is the person you want to talk to and spend all your time with – kinda makes sense doesn’t it?

And well, the world is well and truly fucked, because things are loved and people are used. When it should be the reverse. It’s a sad reality when people love material objects more than they do people. TC Mark

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