6 Texts Absolutely No One (Especially YOU) Should Ever Send

Shutterstock / Luis Echeverri Urrea
Shutterstock / Luis Echeverri Urrea

We’re well into cuffin’ season, you know, when the weather is cooler and people start looking for that warm body to cuddle next to. Before you know it the “Hey Stranger…” text messages start rolling in like clockwork.

In honor of this predictable text message and my detestation towards it, here are 6 texts / type of texts you should never send or entertain:

1. “Hey Stranger …”

If we haven’t spoken in such a long time, that you feel like you need to call me a stranger, then we should probably stay strangers. This goes for long time no hear. Where’ve you been? Etc.

2. WTH

“WYD.” You can’t send this as a conversation opener! Are you that lazy that you can’t ask me how I am and what I’m doing? You had to abbreviate it? GTFOH.

3. Clingy Much?

If you haven’t received a response in two attempts, stop trying. It really is that simple. Don’t text, and then call and then text again all within an hour, especially if I don’t know you that well and it’s not an emergency.

4. Just Sayin’

“Hope you’re well.” “Have a nice weekend.” “Just saying hi.” They’re not engaging. If you genuinely care about what’s going on in my life, start asking a real question instead of saying something just bait a response.

5. 21 Questions

Who has time for that? If you have so many questions, ask them we I see you next, not over text. I have a job, I can’t text you all day long!

6. “Send A Pic”

The worst offender of all! Are there any other 3 words in the English language that make a girl lose interest faster than “Send a Pic”? In a world where we overshare and post selfies of ourselves all the time, this may seem like a harmless text, but without context, and if I don’t know you that well, it just seems creepy.

Dating is hard enough, so don’t waste your time deciphering through lame texts. If you’re serious about each other, the best way to communicate is through phone conversations where intent and tone are much easier to understand. So go on and pick up that phone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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