If You Describe Your Nemesis’ Skin Color, You’re A Racist

In my short time as a writer on Thought Catalog, I have learned how hypersensitive and rabid, to every minute detail, the all-knowing internet can be to any form of expression it doesn’t agree with. Recently, I wrote an article called The UK Border Agency Debacle: Why I Wasn’t Allowed In England detailing the frustrating experience I had at the hands of an incompetent border agent I lovingly named “McCunterson.”

In the piece, I described McCunterson as a “gorilla-looking, big, fat black woman with a mix of a Jamaican and British accent,” which sent the overzealous comment section in an uproar over how much of a racist I am because I used a negative descriptor on a person of a different race.

Later on, after being interrogated, I was sent to the holding area where, “I paced back and forth again, calling McCunterson every inflammatory racial, sexual slur I could think of to myself.” See there? Raul Felix is a fucking racist. How dare he show any signs of anger and being a human being with flaws!

People, especially, the hyper-liberal, pretentious, over-politically correct type that love to hate writers like me, tend to present themselves as better than they actually are. They like to say that they have never had a racist thought, uttered a racist slur, or thought negatively of a person even if they were pissed. Political correctness has become such a leviathan in modern society that it’s downright over-bearing and in a way, counter-productive. It lectures people, again and again, if you’re going to be civilized, you must be offended by X, Y, and especially Z.

I created the image of her looking like a gorilla, because she was a fat fuck border agent who’s dark skin and round face made her look that way. If she was a pale, obese white woman, I would have described her skin complexion and fat rolls as the result of being an illegitimate love child of the Michelin Man and manatee. If she had a been a fat, hispanic woman, I would have described her belly as being caused by pushing out one dirty spic baby after the other. If she had been a fat Asian chick, well, we all know Asian chicks never get fat, so scratch that.

I didn’t hate McCunterson because she was black, I hated McCunterson because she was a fucking cunt. When you hate someone, you look for anything to tear and rip them apart. You analyze the way they smile, the way they twitch their eyes, the way they speak, the color of their skin, and their body type. You scour for any information you can think of so you can use it against them. If a person has infuriated me to the point where I am going to get into a physical altercation, no fucking shit I am going to drop every racial slur I can think of to put them down. Maybe you’re different. Maybe you’re able to hold your composure and make damn sure you don’t say anything offensive even though you have every intent of beating the shit out of somebody and are completely enraged, I am not. But fuck me for being honest; a thing very few of you are able to be about yourself.

Let’s turn this the other away around. Let’s say McCunterson had been a gorgeous, eloquent, and charming black woman with an amazing booty. First of all, I would have been highly attracted to her because I love all types of women, and then I would get commended for being post-racial because I saw the beauty, not color. Actually, since a lot of feminist cunts read this, I would be scorned for objectifying women. Secondly, none of you would have called me a racist because I used her race in a positive context. This proclaims that racial descriptors are only okay if it portrays the racial group in a positive light, which is utter bullshit. Racial descriptor are fair-play to use in both a positive and negative connotation. I hated McCunterson and in my eyes, she wasn’t a sexy, eloquent, and charming black beauty queen; she was a fat, black piece of shit who looked like a fucking gorilla.

We are making each other walk on eggshells over the concern of race and it needs to stop. There are amazing people in every race and there are piece of shit people in every race. If we want to progress forward as a society, then we need to start treating each other as equals, both in our love and hatred. If I hate a white guy, I don’t hate him because he’s white; I hate him because he’s an asshole. If I hate a black woman, I don’t hate her cause she’s black; I hate her because she’s a fucking cunt. Or maybe I am only allowed to hate Mexican people because I am Mexican. Fuck those border-hopping, wetbacks stealing American jobs! There, happy? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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