4 Guaranteed Ways To Please Your High-Value Man

Robert Bejil Photography
Robert Bejil Photography

Aren’t you a lucky girl? You finally found a man worth keeping around. He’s in good shape, confident, funny, smart, and knows what he is doing with his life. He has some flaws, but overall, you couldn’t really ask for much more in a man. He’s on his way to the top of his chosen field, is a great lover, witty, social, and fun to be around. He’s an alpha male and has earned the right to be declared a man.

That’s when you begin to worry, because maybe he is too good. You know bitches notice the caliber of man you’re with and will begin to scheme on snagging him from you. Your man is highly aware of this, but is loyal to you. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t notice that some of these women have bigger boobs or a nicer, firmer ass or are just plain hotter than you. He’s a man with options and like any resourceful male, is always assessing the field. He’s with you because he feels you’re the best fit for him. But if you slack and get too comfortable, the chances are really high that he’ll send you packing and will be inside another woman within a couple of hours.

In an effort to help you learn from the mistakes that many women have made, the following is a list of four ways that can help you keep your Alpha Male happy and satisfied, because if you don’t, he’ll find some other woman who will.

1. Never Get Fat

You don’t have a right to be a fat slob when you’re in a relationship with an Alpha Male. That bullshit may fly when you’re dating a beta bitch who doesn’t know what he wants out of life and is too weak to tell you that you’ve gained a few pounds. But your Alpha Male will take that as a sign of disrespect and will make it clear he’s displeased with your weight gain. Your Alpha Male sees you as a trophy, he wants to be able to proudly show you off to his friends, family, and the general public. He wants to be able to say, “This is mine,” and smack your ass proudly. What does it say about him as a man if his woman is a behemoth?

Some of you more stupid types are thinking, “He wants me to be skinny and anorexic? That’s so gross, ugly, and unhealthy.” But a stick figure physique is also not desired. Ideally, men want a woman who has a 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio. Meaning, that the waist is 0.7 times that of the hips. Typically weighing somewhere between, 90 to 130 pounds, depending on how tall you are. Combine a low body weight, a 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio, ample breasts, and it creates the hourglass figure that is the core of many a man’s lust. The closer you come that, the more likely you are to make your Alpha Male happy and content with you. Needless to say, having the body of a potato sack won’t do and will have him looking for action elsewhere.

Your Alpha Male takes your physical looks seriously and so should you. Abandon this modern feminist connotation that once you snag a man and he falls in love with you, he needs to accept you as you are and you’re free to get sloppy and lazy. He is working his ass off to be the best man he can be, you need to woman the fuck up and take care of your physique.

2. Support Him in His Endeavors

Or his dreams of becoming a brutal, cocaine-dealing gangster.

One of the reasons you consider him a great catch is because his ambitions and accomplishments made your girlie parts tingle. He is not only talk, but walk, since he has taken active, measurable steps to achieve his dreams. Maybe he isn’t a full-fledged success yet, but he is on his way. Whether he is working on becoming a writer, doctor, entrepreneur, or any other spectrum of career fields, it’s your duty to support him to the best of your ability.

Our current culture glamorizes the results of hard work and not the hard work itself. Disney and chick-lit loves to paint a portrait of prince charming and highly-accomplished men coming to the rescue of the poor, defenseless female. Yet, they focus very little on the trials and tribulations the man had to go through in order to get to that position in life. It was a long, harsh, unforgiving road for these men to get where they are.

Withhold criticism that isn’t constructive. He hears enough negativity from the rest of the world, telling him to get a normal, safe career, and not rock the boat too much. He doesn’t need to hear it from the person he is deeply intimate with. What he does need from you to be is a person he can use to brainstorm ideas with and to give him honest feedback. Not everything he comes up with will be gold, but you must understand that is part of the creative process. Take an active role in his interests. It may seem boring to you, but if you’re his biggest supporter, then he will be grateful to you and it will highly increase the chances that he won’t kick you to the curb once he achieves the next level of success.

3. Become His Sexual Fantasy

Odds are good that if your man is Alpha as fuck, that he is the dominant type in the sack. He’s the type who loves to pin you down, pull your hair, and smack your ass red. He’s the type who takes great pleasure in making you feel like a woman, as long as you make him feel like a man.

You must be willing to go deep into the rabbit hole that are his sexual fantasies and be willing to make them happen for him. Leave all your reservations about what is sexually acceptable behind. You must learn that it is your responsibility to please him. You must do this with a high level of enthusiasm.

First the basics: Sucking dick is not only required, but the eagerness to do so without complaint is mandatory. Don’t ever make your alpha male feel like you’re doing him a favor by sucking his dick. It should a delicious treat for you and just the very thought of doing so should produce a flood in your panties. It should get to the point where you’re more eager to suck dick than he is to have it sucked.

Experimentation with furries may occur.

Now a little bit of more complex stuff: As a male’s success increases, so does the quantity and quality of women who are attracted and available to him. If you met him early in his career, you probably didn’t have much competition. Now that he is getting pussy thrown at him left and right, what is to prevent him from dumping you so he can enjoy all those women who are hotter than you? If you think if honor and fidelity will keep him in line, then you grossly underestimate the power an unexplored piece of fine ass has over a man.

Why not instead of fighting them, you join them? Suggest making his fantasies come true and do a threesome with these women. Make it an intimate activity that you both can enjoy. Keep an eye out for a woman he’ll find attractive, help him arrange a date with them by speaking to them yourself and suggesting the three of you hook-up. It need not be a normal thing, but rather a treat he gets every now and then. This rare quality will make you indispensable to your man since it’s something so few women are willing to do. He will feel lucky he has a partner who is willing to let him indulge in his primal urge to be with as many women as possible. Don’t expect it to be reciprocated with him, you, and another man.

There are other, more deviant types of fetishes that your man may be into that are too complex to discuss here. Listen to them and keep an open mind. Who knows, it may be something you’ll be more than eager to try.

4. Make Him a Sandwich

As cliché as the title sounds, being able to cook and maintain a home are the motherly qualities the Alpha Male looks for when choosing a mate. When he is ready to settle down, he wants to know that his woman will be the type who will take care of his children and his needs after a tough day at work. He doesn’t want to come to home to a dirty house nor does he want to want to come home to an empty dinner table.

You must master the art of keeping a home and creating a comfortable environment for him. You don’t have to be a world-class chef, but being able to cook some hearty chow that is both satisfying to the heart and stomach is greatly desired. Keeping the overall beauty of the household and keeping things tranquil are essential to your man’s psychological peace.

A man intrinsically wants his partner to be a woman they can respect and love, someone who reminds them of the goodness their mother bestowed upon then. In order to keep him satisfied, you must be willing to provide all of this for him. You must be willing to be a place of security for him, for as his lover, you will be given an extreme amount of trust and will know sides of him none of his friends or peers will ever see.

If you can pull this off, you’re marriage material.

Before you get on your feminist high horse, no where was it implied that you need to give up your dreams and ambitions in order to support your Alpha Male. In fact, he’ll probably be your biggest supporter and will help push you to success. Nowhere is it suggested that you two aren’t equals, but rather, two complementary beings that bring different things to the relationship. You bring the femininity he strongly desires in his mate. He brings you the masculinity your body naturally ovulates over. If you don’t think you can provide most of the things listed above, then you should take a long, hard look in the mirror, because how can you say you deserve the high-value man he worked hard to become, if you’re not willing to work as hard at be a high-value woman yourself? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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