A Love Letter To Extraordinary Girls

This year, I’m not writing a love letter to a boy. So, here’s to all the girls who live life like every day is the perfect day to fall in love with the small things.

Like every day is a day for falling in love with yourself a little more.

To the mothers who raise kind daughters. To the sisters who have each other’s backs.

To the aunts who are mothers when they need to be and sisters when they’re expected to be.

To the grandmothers who give timeless advice. To the best friends who genuinely care.

We have no time for ordinary.

I’ve seen girls who wake up with a smile and open their window first thing in the morning like they’re living in a movie then make coffee like they’re making art.

Girls who get ready for work like every day is their first day and the ones who give it all they have regardless of their paycheck.

There are girls who sing along to all their favorite songs without worrying too much about what they sound like.

The ones who take their time putting on their make-up because they’re secretly appreciating what makes them uniquely them.

I’ve learned from girls who know that someone else’s beauty is not a lack of theirs and someone else’s success is not a setback of theirs.

Girls who have a strong sense of who they are and those who have unshakeable confidence in their capabilities.

But also,

I’ve seen girls who endure life’s toughest complications and battle through like there’s no other way.

The girls who make storms look like drizzles.

Ones who find the time to thank themselves for their hard work even when they can’t see results.

I’ve learned from the girls who know when to hold on and when to release. The ones who know that walking away takes as much courage as staying.

Most of all, from the girls who pick themselves up in silence. The ones who are mindful that their actions are never out of spite.

To the ones whose actions are enveloped in love even when love hasn’t been on their side.

We have no time for ordinary.

This is to the girls who like the smell of new books and old ones alike. To the girls who write tiny, thoughtful notes to cheer up the people they care about.

The ones who, despite the complexities of their depth, are so easy to fall in love with.

To the girls who have wits so tempting of competition. To the girls who have hearts so kind that you know if you hurt them, you’re actually hurting yourself.

The girls you want to be friends with because they always feel like the sun on a cold day.

The ones you feel grateful for falling in love with because you know you’ve given your heart to gold.

This is to the girls who have no time for ordinary because they’re made for extraordinary. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Rasha Abou Dargham is from the mountains of Lebanon, and has been keeping and shredding diaries since she was 7 years ...

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