5 Tips For Becoming The Most Creative Artist You Can Be

bruce mars / Unsplash

1. Find what you love to do.

Not everyone is good at what they love, but this is a good place to start and figure out what you love and are passionate about. Chances are the desire to do good in one of these areas is because it’s your calling to become an artist in it. Find what makes you feel. Find what makes you love life. Find what fascinates you.

2. Date whatever you are creating.

We are relational creatures. We bond, we interact, we build connections. No, not just with people. We do this with other things too. Animals, a book, a song, nature, and yes, creativity. If you’re passionate about something and want to exceed in it and want to create something in it, then you need to spend time doing just that. Don’t make creativity work for you, though. Work with it. Choose to not watch Netflix tonight and instead, use those two or so hours to pour yourself into whatever project you currently have on hand. Write a few chapters of your book. Finish that song you were writing. Practice the instrument you’re learning. Whatever it may be, make time for it. Just like you do/would with your significant other. You hang out with them, right? You go on dates, you write each other notes, you take each other places, you don’t take for granted even just a few minutes you can spend in each other’s presence, you stay up till 3 a.m. with them… Do all this with whatever you are creating and see what happens.

3. Seek inspiration in all aspects of your muse.

Familiarize yourself with the world of whatever you’re creating. If it’s music, explore different genres, go to concerts, learn an instrument, keep up to date with song releases. If it’s art, go to museums and art galleries, take an art class, sell your artwork. If it’s writing, read, read, and read some more, find out who your favorite writers are and what style you connect most with. And wherever you decide to seek your inspiration from, take notes on what you find. I swear these will come in handy.

4. Seek inspiration from fellow creators.

Sometimes, inspiration won’t come to you in the creative world but rather in the ones who have helped create it. Ask questions. Seek advice. Obtain constructive criticism. And no, this doesn’t mean keep writing letters to your role models and commenting obnoxiously on their Instagram photos. Try to contact them, sure, but “professionals” aren’t always the best coaches. Meet people in your area, convene with like-minded artists, build each other up, keep each other accountable, learn from each other’s mistakes and wins.

5. You already are.

Everyone is born with a creative mind. It’s part of being a human. Finding which creative outlet you are most gifted in, which one you are called to, now that’s the task at hand. Go find it. TC mark

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