5 Confusing Reasons That Explain Why Girls Are So…Confusing

Hey to all the guys out there!

I’m sure you’ve all had instances in your life where you’re just like ‘Oh my gosh, why are girls SO confusing?!?!’  

I won’t deny it. We are. We can be. We are sometimes very hard to understand.

Maybe you’ve had an argument with your sister.  Or your mom tried to explain something but it made absolutely no sense. Or your girlfriend is just acting really weird…

Any of those sound familiar? Even slightly?

Well, here is why girls are so confusing.

Because we are very emotional creatures. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being emotional. You just need to learn how to control your emotions.  And for girls, this isn’t always easy. We have all these emotions and feelings and thoughts rushing through our brains and hearts – most of the time ALL AT ONCE.  So it’s kind of like a tsunami of emotions waving through our entire body. Just think on that for a second…

Because we feel more than we think. It’s true.  MOST of the time.  But sometimes, we think…and tend to OVERthink.  And that, my friends, can be very confusing.  For both parties involved. But because we feel, more than think, we are more in tuned with the emotions and stress levels of those around us. Try dealing with your own crap and then having ten other people’s dumped on you.

Because when we think, it’s very rarely about ONE thing.Guys have the capability of thinking about one thing AT A TIME and one thing ONLY. Girls don’t.  We can be thinking about 10 different things all at once. Pretty cool, huh? It can be. That’s one reason why we’re such great multi-taskers.  But at the same time, it’s kind of annoying cuz it’s like ‘Okay, I need to write that email…and do a load of laundry…and charge my phone…why is my boyfriend acting like this?…my friend in New York needs to read this book…I wonder if rabbits have feelings…this pillow is super comfortable…tomorrow I’m going to a wedding…where on earth is my other shoe?’  

Because we have very strong intuitions. Some women are more ‘in touch’ with their senses than others.  But regardless, we all can sense things.  And try to explain WHY we don’t like that person, or WHY we don’t think you should go there, or WHY driving on this particular road at this particular speed is a bad idea.  I know it doesn’t make sense when we say ‘I don’t FEEL right about it…’, but just trust us.  Okay?

Because we have periods.Okay so once a month, our uterus sheds its lining so that the eggs descend into…

Yeah, I’ll stop there.



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