40 Thoughts Of A Writer (On A Daily Basis)

1. *yawn* “Okay, let me get my tea/coffee and then grab my laptop.”

2. “I need to find a quiet, comfy spot to sit and write…”

3. “I guess my bed will do.”

4. *opens laptop, immediately opens Facebook* “Oh look, someone else is engaged.”

5. “Okay, okay, Microsoft Word where are you?”

6. “Should I work on something old or something new?”

7. “What was that idea that I had last night before falling asleep?… Darn it.”

8. “Well I do have a bunch of draft ideas saved…”

9. “Music. I need music.”

10. *listens to same song 15 times in a row*

11. “Actually…I don’t need music.”

12. “Blah blah blah.”

13. “C’mon, fingers. Type what my brain is thinking.”

14. “I wonder if there’s an easier way to do this.”


16. “Okay, I got this.”

17. *stares at computer screen for a good 60 seconds*

18. *slowly starts typing*

19. First sentence.

20. Second sentence.

21. “There we go… That’s right. Wait!” *backspace, backspace*

22. “No more editing till I’m all finished writing.”

23. “Would somebody even read this?”

24. “Stop being so critical. You are your own worst critic.”

25. “Maybe I should take a break.”

26. “Where’s that chocolate I’ve been saving?”

27. *changes position on bed*

28. “C’mon, brain, work with me here.”

29. *takes five-minute break*

30. “Okay, let’s finish this up…”

31. *type, type, type*

32. “YES!! That last sentence was perfect. Finished it with a bang…and a boom…”

33. “Time to edit.”

34. “Okay, that’s not too bad.”

35. “I need to get a second opinion on this.”

36. “On second thought, how about no?”

37. “I think it looks good.”

38. *click Save As*

39. “Aaaaaand we’re out.”

40. “Wait……………that would be a good thing to write about…” TC mark

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