Do These 4 Things When People Make You Feel You’re Not Good Enough

Flickr / Susanne Nilsson
Flickr / Susanne Nilsson

1. Don’t let them.

Stop what you’re feeling. It’s between you and yourself. You first need to believe in yourself. You need to know your worth. Stand up against the negative thought you have in mind. No other person can control what you’re going to feel but yourself. It’s not that easy to avoid feeling bad, but that’s the only thing you can do. Who are they to make you feel that way? Do they know you that much? Asking questions in your brain is normal but you should avoid questioning yourself where did you go wrong.

2. Think about the good in you.

You are capable. Always remember that you can do something that others can’t. It takes time to know someone and if they don’t give you a chance to prove yourself, it is their loss. We all have our own strengths. There is something good in each and every one of us. You are good enough. You have your own uniqueness and it is so beautiful.

3. Ignore them.

Don’t entertain whatever negative they’re saying. If they make you feel bad, just think of happy thoughts. Think about the things that will make you happy. Remove them from your brain and your life. Make them feel bad too by doing what you do. Don’t let them affect you. They don’t make your world go round.

4. Prove them wrong.

Show them what you’ve got. Give the best in everything that you do. You are good enough to achieve your goals and you should remember that. They will not dictate who you are so why give a fuck? Those people come into your life just to make you feel awful and all you have to do is continue what you’re doing. If they told you that you can’t do anything right, work harder to show them they’re wrong. You are good enough to make them change the way they look at you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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