Sometimes What’s Left Unsaid Says It All

Sometimes What’s Left Unsaid Says It All

Sometimes silence speaks louder than words. Sometimes your answer lies in everything that wasn’t said followed by everything that wasn’t done. Sometimes the words unsaid silence your doubts more than spoken words ever will. Sometimes people show you who they really are and what you mean to them by saying nothing at all. Sometimes their silence is the answer to your confusion and your burning questions.

And I know that we as human beings crave that communication, crave that expression and we want people to tell us how they feel and what we mean to them. We want people to tell us why they let us down or why they didn’t leave when our door was wide open. We want people to apologize or tell us where we went wrong or give us the closure we need and sometimes we just want them to listen to what we have to say. To listen to what got us there or why we left or why we couldn’t stay or why we said what we said but that’s not always the case in our modern era. An era that teaches people to sweep words and feelings under the rug, move on, pretend it never happened. We no longer give words their importance or give people their value.

But more often than not, what’s left unsaid says it all. The lies that are now exposed, the promises that are now broken, the stories they tell people about us, the secrets people reveal about them and suddenly you realize that you never really knew this person or maybe you only knew one version of them. Suddenly you find yourself at loss for words as well, unable to speak, unable to comprehend what happened, unable to shake off that you were manipulated by someone you trusted blindly. Suddenly, you wish you could take back every word you ever said simply because they didn’t deserve it.

But let me tell you something, maybe they didn’t deserve it, maybe your lips spoke the truth and their lips were full of lies and excuses. Maybe you opened up because you trusted them and maybe you chose to see the best in them when they chose to see the worst in you but whatever the case may be, please don’t forget that you are human too and that sometimes you follow your heart and say what’s on your mind. Sometimes the slightest touch or the right question or the right moment opens the floodgates to your emotions and your scars and it’s not your fault that you still believe in that kind of connection, in that kind of bond and in that kind of love. It’s not your fault that the people you meet aren’t on the same wavelength and it’s not your fault that they’re still not mature enough to fulfill your emotional needs.

And sometimes this is how it really ends, you don’t say a word and they don’t either. You make small talk because the big words are bitter. You smile but deep inside you’re full of disappointment. Someone once told me that the beginning seldom reveals a person’s true colors but the end tells you everything. How they treat you when they no longer want something or want you. How they choose to remain in your memories. Let that be your answer, let that be all you need to know because sometimes what’s left unsaid tells you more than a thousand words ever will.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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