It’s Not Your Job To Fix Someone or Make Them Love You

You cannot recreate people. You cannot change them into who you want them to be. You cannot change them into the person you think they can be. You cannot fix their broken pieces no matter how hard you try. You can only let them heal. You can only leave them alone on their journey. You can only wish them all the best as they learn how to become the person they have the potential to be.

You cannot ask people to take a closer look and see your worth. You cannot ask people to be ready when they have a lot to figure out on their own. You cannot convince people to be vulnerable if they’re as hard as a rock inside because the world has made them so cold. You cannot help someone unload their baggage if that’s all they carry with them.

You cannot show someone that being alone is not the answer. You cannot convince someone that curbing their feelings is the fastest way to feel dead inside. You cannot show someone that their darkness is their own creation. You cannot ask someone to be light again when all they’re carrying is their heaviness.

The truth is you cannot recreate people, you can only choose to love them the way they are or walk away. You cannot help them rewrite their story if they don’t give you the pen. You cannot help them see their light if they don’t want to switch it on and you cannot help them realize that they deserve to be happy if they’re still dwelling on their pain. You cannot make them happy if they choose to bury their heart in their own misery.

The truth is some people will reject everything good if they’re still hurting because part of them feels like they don’t deserve it and part of them feels like they’re going to sabotage it and part of them is punishing themselves for their own mistakes.

Life has a way of teaching people what they need to learn, sometimes it’s a bit too late, sometimes it comes when they’re not ready to receive it, and sometimes it comes when they’re about to give up on everything and as much as you want to guide them and help them heal or become the best versions of themselves, unfortunately, it’s not your job. It’s never your job to fix someone or make them love you.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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