A Strong Woman Never Gives Up On Herself

A Strong Woman Never Gives Up On Herself

A strong woman never gives up on herself even when her whole world collapses. Even when her heart is heavy and her troubles are relentless, she still keeps the faith, she takes one more brave risk, she gives herself a thousand more chances, she keeps going no matter what because this is who she has become. She found herself alone time and time again. She found herself in situations where she had to defend herself and fight back alone. She learned the hard way that people can be there for her but at the end of the day she truly only has herself and she can’t give up on it.

A strong woman has no other option. She learned how to recover quickly from the things that knock her down. She learned that life goes on even after the hardest losses. She learned that she has to knock on many doors and find opportunities so she can be prepared for the random changes in her life.

A strong woman keeps herself in check. She doesn’t let herself wallow in self-pity or dwell on her mistakes or surrender to toxic and self-destructive behavior. She learned the exact opposite, every time she was faced with a new challenge or another heartbreak or a tragedy, she would go back and find ways to love and nurture herself even more. She would turn all this negative energy into something productive and she would always put the focus back on herself. She knew that these are all tools to sharpen her edges and she wasn’t going to let anything hinder her growth, her potential and her progression.

No matter what she’s going through, a strong woman will always show up for her loved ones, she will still exercise and take care of herself, she will still get her work done, pay her bills, laugh and be present in her life because she has learned that all these dark times eventually pass, a broken heart eventually heals, confusion eventually turns into clarity, all the questions eventually get answered and little by little, life gets better, the sun shines again, things change, new beginnings restore her faith in life and sometimes life even surprises her with something wonderful, something even better than what she hoped for.

A strong woman never gives up on herself because she knows that everything else will come and go but she’s the only constant in her life. She’s her own pillar. A strong woman builds herself within so that even if she cracks under pressure, she knows how to rebuild herself again.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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