Trust Me When I Say Things Always Get Better

Trust Me When I Say Things Always Get Better

Trust me when I say things always get better.

You may not see it. You may not believe it but life is straightening itself out as we speak right now. The universe is aligning things for you. Every missed opportunity, every loss, every painful incident is being made up for. Bigger things are at work for you. Better things are coming your way.

And it’s not some utopian dream I’m trying to sell, it’s life. It’s you evolving and growing and learning. It’s your reward after every hard lesson, after rock bottom and it comes right when you’re about to throw in the towel and give up.

But trust me when I say nothing stays the same forever. Your broken heart eventually heals and relearns what love means and how to truly love again. The emptiness you feel inside is just a temporary void that you eventually forget when your life becomes filled with laughter, passion, purpose and people who dig you out of your darkness, people who fill all the gaps that you’re waiting for one person to fill. The lonely nights that you spent wiping your tears away will be replaced with morning coffees that will leave you brimming with joy because this is life, for every tearful moment, for every painful night, another morning brings the light in and gives you a chance to smile again.

Trust me when I say things always get better.

Your dreadful journey to finding work that fulfills you will come to an end at one point. When you wake up with an idea or an epiphany or an opportunity and an insane amount of courage to just go for it, against all odds, against all logic, against all people, you just do it, you take a small leap of faith on something that keeps getting bigger and bigger because that’s how the universe works. You trust it and you take the signs it gives you and suddenly you’re flying high among the stars. Suddenly, you’re doing exactly what you thought you’d never do, you’re shining with success when everyone was anticipating your failure. This is what passion is all about, when it calls you, when it picks you there’s a reason because while others couldn’t make it work, you could because this is what you were meant to find within you the moment you were born and when it finds you, you just have to go for it.

Trust me when I say things always get better.

When you know for sure that you have the power to change and it’s your choice to become someone who took a messy life and created something beautiful out of it, someone who took the hardships, rolled with the punches and learned how to punch back, how to fight and how to save yourself when you had no one else to save you. Sometimes it takes everything going wrong for you to find what’s right and most probably you will find it within, no one comes back the same after a few losses or after major traumas but if you can collect all your scattered and broken pieces and start polishing them and start sharpening their edges, they find other ways to work for you, you piece them back together and form a new shape; a new stronger, more refined version of yourself.

Trust me when I say it always gets better and if you don’t feel like you have anything to offer right now or anything to give. Give yourself time to heal because once you bounce back, you will have a whole universe within you to give, and that’s how healing works, you begin with nothing and end up with everything. 

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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