It’s Time To Give Yourself The Love You Never Received

It’s Time To Give Yourself The Love You Never Received

Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that you may never get the love you needed from your parents or the support you needed from your friends or the commitment you needed from a certain partner, but instead of dwelling on it, instead of filling your head with questions of ‘why me?’ and ‘what if?’ start focusing on giving everything you were deprived of to yourself.

It’s time to go back and reprogram these old beliefs that haunt you every time you dream big and tell you that you won’t make it or every time you’re presented with a wonderful opportunity and you feel like you don’t deserve it. It’s time to go back to where it all started and discover exactly what went wrong and how to fix it. It’s time to go back and give yourself the pat on the back you needed when people were kicking you down.

It’s time to revisit all the heartbreaks and the people who hurt you one last time. The one who left you for someone else. The one who always put everything else above you. The one who never wanted a serious commitment. The one who backed away when things got rough. It’s time to go back and be everything they couldn’t be for you. It’s time to cry on your own shoulder instead of waiting for them to lend you theirs. It’s time to take back all the lies they fed you about yourself and all the things they did to make you feel like you were not worthy of their love or their time. It’s time to take all the promises they broke and fulfill every single one of them. It’s time to realize that no one else has to power to make you feel loved or unloved but yourself. It’s time to put yourself first in a way that none of them knew how.

It’s time to look within for all the missing parts. It’s time to find the voice you had when you were a fearless child who once believed in changing the world. It’s time to find the courage you once had to take those big risks without waiting for someone to push you. It’s time to find the conviction you once had that you are worthy of the greatest love of all because if you can do that, you can protect yourself from ruining your life and from those trying to ruin yours. If you can do that, all the moments that are supposed to break you will only make you whole again.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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