Every Heartbreak Leads Me Back To You

Every Heartbreak Leads Me Back To You

Every heartbreak makes me remember how good it was with you, how easy it was, how painless it was.

Every heartbreak reminds me of the day you jokingly told me that no one would appreciate me or understand me like you do. When you told me that you’re the only one who can unlock the chains of my complexities. When you told me time will prove that to me and I didn’t believe you, but I do now.

Every heartbreak is another reminder that you’re the one that got away. 

I thought there will be more people to fall in love with, more places to go, a new place to call home but little did I know that you were the only home I ever truly had. You were the one person who calmed my heart and made me feel secure, something I’ve been struggling to find ever since.

Every heartbreak is another sleepless night thinking about you and how things used to be.

Every heartbreak is another day going through our pictures, our messages and scrolling through your profile longing for your touch. Longing for you. 

Every heartbreak makes me wonder about your heart too and if it still has a special place for me. If it still misses me. If, by chance, we’re both thinking the same thing but we’re too proud to admit it. Too proud to do anything about it.

Every heartbreak makes me question whether you are the one that got away or if there’s still another chance.

I know you thought I gave up on you, I know you expected me to fight harder for us but I hope that time has healed all those wounds. I hope that time made you realize that we were both young and foolish and didn’t even know what love was. I hope that time reminded you that I had to embrace my journey and live it because I had no other choice before I can truly and freely love again.

Every heartbreak somehow leads me back to you and it makes me wonder if one of those days, we’ll put our pride aside, pick up the phone and start over. It makes me wonder if we will be another cliche of two people who had to lose each other to find each other again. 

And I promise you that this time, I will fight for you. I will fight for us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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