To The Friends Who Keep Reminding Us That We’re Not Alone

Becca Tapert

To the ones who remember to ask about us when we’re busy or stressed out or going through a hard time. The ones who offer a shoulder to cry on or surprise with something that makes us smile. The ones who keep going out of their way to make us feel that we don’t have to go through this life alone. We can share our thoughts and feelings with them. We can share our pain and they will understand it and help us heal.

To the ones who tell us not to worry when we tell them we’re scared. The ones who make us feel safe when we’re terrified. The ones who hold our hands and give us strength when we need it most. The ones who know how to pick us up when we fall down and dig us out of our misery. The ones who bring us back to life.

To the ones who listen to us talk about the same problems over and over again and never get tired of reassuring us that things will be fine and things will be okay. The ones who keep coming back every time we think they’re done with us. The ones who offer their hearts and their homes to us because they want to not because they have to. The ones who give us more than what we asked for without asking for anything in return.

Our lives would be so difficult without you in them. Our lives would be dark and dull and scary without your comforting words. Our bodies would be cold and blue without your warm hugs. Our hearts would be shattered without your constant love that keeps putting us back together. We would be broken without you.

Sometimes people get busy and life takes everyone away but you manage to find a way to make time for us, to include us in your life, to make us feel important because you don’t let distance or time or responsibilities get in the way of our bond, our friendship and our love.

And when everyone leaves, you remind us that you’ll always stay.

When everything falls apart, you remind us that we’re still intact.

When everything changes, you remind us that you’ll always remain the same.

Thank you for getting us through the worst days of our lives and thank you for giving the best days of our lives meaning. Thank you for bringing us so much joy. Thank you for making us laugh time and time again when we find it hard to even smile. Thank you for being the only constant in our lives. Thank you for everything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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