This Is Why She Doesn’t Respond Well To Inconsistency


Do you want to know what makes a woman run away? Inconsistency. Lack of effort. Playing hot and cold.

Because it’s easy to say the right things at the right time but what about all the other times? What about when things are not ideal? When things are not going the way you want them to go? This is what makes all the difference. This is how she knows whether or not you’re serious about her. Whether or not you’re invested.

And it’s easy to be present when it’s convenient for you, but what about when she needs you around? What about when she’s having a bad day or needs a friend or needs someone to make her forget about her stressful work or her crazy boss or her hectic week?

Where are you when she needs you? Where are you when meeting her requires you to go out of your way? How are you showing her how much you care about her?

Because she hates it when she has to build walls instead of bridges, when she has to force herself not to feel or open up the way she wants to. She hates it when she has to be cautious because you’re not making her feel safe yet. Your hesitancy is making her hesitant. Your inconsistency is making it hard for her to stick around.

She doesn’t respond well to mixed signals or flakey behavior. She doesn’t respond well to a broken connection or slow communication. She doesn’t respond well to the warning signs that trigger her past heartbreak and her failed relationships.

She responds well to effort. She responds well to consistency. She responds well to someone who shows up for her. Someone who appreciates her time. Someone who values her.

She doesn’t respond well to half-love or almost relationships. She wants the real deal. She wants it all. She wants someone to break down her walls and soften her edges and allow her to feel without making her feel like a fool for investing or opening up.

She just wants consistency because without it, she knows she can’t build a strong foundation. She knows she can’t trust you. She knows she can’t give her all to someone who’s only giving her bits and pieces. She knows that inconsistency is the beginning of the end.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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