Why We’ll Always Be Closest To The People Who Knew Us When We Were Young And Reckless

Don’t Be Afraid To Let Someone Know That They Matter To You

You have to tell them that they make you smile
a lot more than you should.
And that you appreciate their existence
a lot more than they know.
You have to tell them that they bring you joy
and they make you happy.
You have to swallow your pride
and be vulnerable with them.
Show them that they’re different
and that they move your heart.
We’re always hiding how we feel.
We’re always afraid of saying too much.
We’re always afraid we might get hurt
but it all hurts just the same when you
suffocate your own feelings,
hold back,
or stop yourself from falling
because there’s always a chance
that it could be wrong.
There’s always a chance
that it might not work out
but there’s always a chance that it will
and it could be everything you ever wanted
and more.
And there’s always a chance that it could be
better than anything you had ever imagined,
but it all starts with you —
with a decision to give yourself permission to feel
to let it all out,
to try harder for someone,
to reveal all your cards.
To tell someone how you feel
without waiting to hear the same thing back.
It all starts with a decision to let go
of your fears and your past
and love like you’ve never been hurt,
love like you don’t know heartbreak
because you know that you survived
the worst of heartbreaks
and you can do it again
as long as you know how to love
and as long as you keep loving harder
every time it knocks on your door. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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