Maybe I’ll Always Be A Little Reckless With My Heart 

bruce mars

Maybe I’ll always be a little impulsive
I don’t look at facts and rules
I don’t do background checks
I go after what moves me;
what I see
what I admire
what I adore.

Maybe I’ll always be a little irrational —
knowing that someone is unavailable
but still trying to love them.
Knowing that someone is broken
but still trying to fix them.
Knowing that someone is not fully invested
but giving my share anyway.

Maybe I’ll always be a fool —
waiting for that one moment
that changes everything.
Waiting for the one word
that turns it all around.
Waiting for that one story
that turns into a fairy tale.

Maybe I’ll always be a little stubborn —
believing after a multitude of lies.
Falling again after breaking.
Running again after limping.
Going back to where I was burnt
and playing with fire.

Maybe I’ll always be a little reckless
with my heart and my emotions.
Maybe I’ll always give more than I should.
Trust more than I should.
Say more than I should.
Tolerate more than I should.

But it’s not because I don’t know my worth
and it’s not because I’m stupid
and it’s not because I’m lonely
it’s because the right reckless move,
the right moment of madness
the right kind of risk
could be magnificent.
It could be life changing.
It could be the miracle
I’ve been asking for.

And if it’s not
then at least my reckless heart
knows for sure
at least my reckless heart
won’t die wondering
at least my reckless heart
won’t have any regrets
knowing it loved until its last beat. TC mark

Rania Naim

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