Here’s To The Ones Who Know What Love Is 

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Pete Bellis

Here’s to the ones who know what love is. The ones who love you when you’re not easy to love. The ones who keep showing up even after you’ve let them down. The ones who have big hearts and kindness written all over their faces.

Here’s to the ones who send you messages telling you you’re doing great or wishing you luck or simply telling you you’re beautiful and reminding you that you are loved.

Here’s to the ones who give you a warm hug when you’re broken trying to mold the pieces of you back together.

Here’s to the ones who listen when you feel lost, misunderstood and hopeless without judging you or making you feel like a burden.

Here’s to the ones who give you hope and make you believe again. The ones who tell you that it’s not the end of the world. The ones who make your life a little brighter.

Here’s to the ones who send you jokes to make you laugh even if they’re hurting. The ones who cover up their pain with humor. The ones who will try to help you even if they can’t help themselves.

Here’s to the ones who send silly jokes and videos in the middle of a bad day to cheer you up. The ones who do little things that could put a smile on your face. The little things that make all the difference.

Here’s to the ones who give you a shoulder to cry on when you have no one to lean on and the ones who give you a home when you have nowhere to go.

Here’s to the ones who show up when you need them most. The ones who help you get through another day, another night, another hardship.

Here’s to the ones who make you feel alive in the dead of the night. The ones who never make you feel alone. The ones who never make you feel unimportant or forgotten.

Here’s to the ones who teach you everything you need to know about love without even trying. The ones who restore your faith in humanity. The ones who keep on giving yet never run out of love.

Here’s to the ones who love you the way you truly deserve to be loved. TC mark

Rania Naim

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