Even The Strongest Girls Crack Under Pressure

Carol Oliver

Even the strongest girls give up. They reach a point where they just can’t do it on their own anymore. They reach a point where life becomes too much for them to handle and they just need to find a sanctuary to hide in and isolate themselves from the responsibilities, the pressure and the unrealistic expectations.

Even the strongest girls break down. They cry rivers because they’ve been bottling everything up and pretending that they’re fine. They’ve been suppressing all these emotions and all these tears they kept from falling so they can keep that strong woman label. So they can fool everyone with their smiles. So they can ‘fit in.’

Even the strongest girls get tired of that label. They get tired of being told they’re strong enough to overcome any challenge and they can make it big. They get tired of being told that they’re strong enough to walk away or move on or wait for the person who deserves them. They get tired of keeping up with that label; remaining independent, raising their standards, getting themselves in trouble because they speak up and they just get tired of being on their own. What if they’re not as strong as people think they are? What if they were but now they’ve used up all their strength and they’re left with nothing?

Even the strongest girls feel lonely. In the morning when they have no one checking up on them. At the gym when they need a little help lifting weights. At the grocery store when they need a helping hand. When they go out and feel like they don’t have someone to protect them and when they go home at night to an empty bed trying to silence the voices in their heads and sleep in peace.

Even the strongest girls reach a point where they can’t move forward. They’ve done everything they could do. They worked on themselves. They developed all the tools they needed to succeed and thrive but sometimes something is still missing. There’s a void they can’t fill. They reach a point where their lives become monotonous and bland. They feel stuck because they literally have everything they need to move forward but something just feels so heavy. The pressure is too much to handle. Their strength is waning.

Even the strongest girls crack under pressure without really knowing how they’ll get back up. But they do — eventually — they always do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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