A Few Questions I Wanted To Ask You About Loving Me


It’s easy to love me when I smile
but how easy would it be to love me
when tears are streaming down my face
and my pain is too much to bear —
will you stick around?

It’s easy to love me when I joke
but what if I go silent,
will you understand the weight
of the thoughts in my head —
will you try to silence them too?

It’s easy to love the way I look
but what if you look deeper into my eyes
and see the secrets I try to hide
to pretend like I belong —
will you accept me the way I am?

It’s easy to love me when I explain myself
but what about the moments when I hold back,
when I wish you could understand and comfort me
when I want you to pull me closer —
will you push me away?

It’s easy to love me when I’m all dolled up
but what if I take off my mask
and wipe off my makeup,
when you see the scars underneath it all —
will you find them beautiful too?

It’s easy to love me when I’m in one piece
but I’m still healing
and picking up the pieces,
I’m still learning how to love myself —
will you make it easier to love me too? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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